Maureen Simons

Maureen cut her political activism teeth in 2008 with the first Obama campaign. After wandering into the Silicon Valley Obama office asking if she could help with “anything EXCEPT  phone banking” she was gently coached into it, and ended up logging hundreds of hours and making thousands of calls. She became a phone bank trainer and even made a video on why phone banking was actually quite satisfying, even for introverts who “hate getting those phone calls”. She continued working with OFA and was very actively involved in Obama’s 2012 campaign and the organizing committee in Silicon Valley.

2016 catalyzed her back into action. After moving to Sonoma County she joined Indivisible. At an Indy SoCo meeting, she first heard about the concept of Rock the Congress and agreed to help find a venue for the first event. Somehow that translated to co-leading event planning and operations. She then led the effort to help other activists put on similar events by creating the Rock the Congress Playbook.