Linda Herman

Linda is a newbie activist, class of 2016. A child of the 60’s, for whatever reasons she had not been engaged by the politics and current events of the time. No more! The 2016 election sparked her into action. Now she is like the reformed non-smoker who tries to get everyone who smokes to stop; Linda tries to get everyone she knows activated!

A professional project manager and collaborator by nature, Linda brings to progressive activism her organizational skills and perspective that working together is the answer to saving our democracy.  She jumped right in to co-create Rock the Congress with Pat Mundy in the spring of 2017, led the effort to form the NorCal BlueWave Alliance and now serves on the steering committees for both organizations. Additionally, she is the co-lead for Swing Left Marin and ‘hosts’ their weekly phone banks, and is a leader of Marin Leaders Network.

When not working in the activism world, she helps organizations build their dream facilities, can be found on numerous dance floors, in her garden, or walking out on the trails in West Marin.