Rock the Congress: How We’re Building an Unstoppable Coalition

Our Mission

To maximize collaboration among Progressive organizations to win 2018 elections

Our strategy

  • Build alignment, solidarity, and lasting coalitions among progressive organizations
  • Build capacity by training activists, spreading the word about new tools, and sharing best practices
  • Foster inter-organizational coordination and communication

Rock the Congress is an un-connected (e.g. Super) PAC, whose sole mission is to facilitate collaboration and cultivate a lasting coalition among progressive organizations that’s laser-focused on winning elections — starting with the 2018 midterms.

Its conference series bring hundreds of Bay Area activists together for intensive skills training and leadership development. Attendees also collaborate in facilitated, interactive workshops on creating operational election plans, and glean lessons from national grassroots leaders and elected officials. Upcoming conferences this spring include Rock the Congress SF & Peninsula conference (March 24th) and Rock the Congress: Napa Valley (April 15th).

These conferences are a way to plug into an inter-organizational coalition that’s been developing a collaboration infrastructure and implementing coordination strategies since the fall.


“Rock the Congress is a great way to connect with activists from all over the state, to help elect more democrats and resist the conservative takeover of our country. I learned a lot at the event and met the organizers of ‘get out the vote’ drives in California’s swing districts. I plan to work with them to engage more people to participate in democracy this year.”
Fabrice Florin, Democracy Cafe - Mill Valley

“The conference was flawless. It flowed smoothly with a nice balance of education, humor, fun and social networking. I especially liked seeing some younger folks involved in the Resistance.” — Barbara Miller, Indivisible Marin