Aram Fischer

Aram grew up in the East Bay and hails from a long line of powerful activist women. As a highschooler in Pete Wilson’s California, Aram joined the fight against the immigrant scapegoating, Three Strikes law, and severe underfunding of public education that defined that era. The injustices of Bush v. Gore and the Iraq War deepened his dedication to progressive causes and Aram canvassed extensively in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico for the Obama campaigns and the down-ballot races in each state.

Aram escalated his action substantially in response to the 2016 election, taking on a leadership role with Indivisible San Francisco. After meeting Pat Mundy in April 2017, Aram joined the Rock the Congress board. After co-organizing a billboard project in Illinois that held Illinois Republicans accountable for their votes on the AHCA, Aram saw the importance and potential of fostering cooperation between Indivisible leaders across the country. He co-founded a national coalition of Indivisible leaders, which now includes nearly 300 leaders from 45 states, and helped form the leadership team of Indivisible California.

He is currently applying his professional skills in marketing, storytelling, and technology to provide grassroots leaders with the tools and practical knowledge they need to maximize their political impact and advance the cause of social justice.