Rock The Congress is an un-connected (e.g. Super) PAC, whose sole mission is to facilitate collaboration and coalition between progressive organizations seeking to impact the November 2018 mid-term elections.

Our Mission

To maximize collaboration among Progressive organizations to win 2018 elections

Our strategy

Drawing upon each group’s strengths, Rock the Congress will:

  • Build alignment and solidarity between Progressive organizations

  • Build capacity — training trainers, spreading the word about new tools and methodologies

  • Foster inter-organizational coordination and communication

Steering Committee

Pat Mundy

Linda Herman

Aram Fischer

Ogie Strogatz

Sylvia Russell

Maureen Simons


Rock The Congress grew out of a chance meeting between leadership of Indivisible Petaluma and Swing Left Marin at a fundraising event for CA-02 Congressman Jared Huffman in March of 2017.  At that event, Representative Huffman asked if we could get to work organizing the progressive grass-roots forces including the obvious strong Indivisible bandwidth, in order to maximize impact in the November 2018 mid-term elections cycle.  

After many months of preparation, the initial (“Central”) steering committee held “Rock The Congress: North Bay” at the College of Marin on September 9, 2017.  Over 300 activist leaders from around the Bay Area came to present, attend sessions and workshops, and network.  Financial support was provided by Huffman, State Senator Mike McGuire, MVCAN, a number of progressive technology vendors, and a host of individual donors.  The full-day event created significant momentum, and now location-specific steering committees are preparing events for the SF/Peninsula and Napa Valley regions, with other interested parties forming.

A significant portion of that momentum and on-going effort of Rock the Congress is the establishment of the interorganizational coalition. The goal of the coalition is to leverage the connections sparked by Rock the Congress events in order to build and cultivate a strong, lasting on-going coalition of Progressive organizations dedicated to winning elections.  The InterOrg Coalition is currently developing and implementing operational strategies that optimize the coalition’s impact; and will provide ongoing leadership development. It is intended that each Rock the Congress event inspire and encourage more and more groups to join the coalition to work together to realize the goals of Rock the Congress!

The initial steering committee has evolved into the Central Steering committee, which supports the current and future location-specific steering committees by providing the branding, ticket sales and session scheduling platforms, website support and advice and oversight for each new event steering committee.  In addition, the team is working on a full “playbook” that can be spread far and wide, so any group seeking to organize and hold an event in their region can do so with little assistance.